Shikeiren, Nov 08




"Nihon kanko ni nani ga motomerareteiru no ka ~ gaikokujin no shiten kara", 「日本観光に何が求まれているのか~外国人の視点から」, "What do people seek in Japanese tourism? ~ from a foreign point of view", Shikeiren Magazine, 「四経連」誌 2008 Nov

Consisting of two parts. The first is a transcript of a speech I gave for the New Shikoku Creative Forum(新四国創造フォーラム), held at Imabari city 今治市 on Oct 17, 2009, sponsored by the Shikoku Economic Federation 四国経済連合会. The second part is a record of the panel discussion that followed, with Matsuyama University Economics Professor Suzuki Shigeru  松山大学経済学部教授 鈴木茂; Tokushima Bunri University Visiting Professor David Morton 徳島文理大学客員教授 ディビット・モートン; Imabari Meitoku Polytechnic Lecturer Wang Mingjiong 今治明徳短期大学職員 王明炯; and Head of Takamatsu Branch of Asia Airlines Ri Mingzhu アシアナ航空高松支店長 李明洙 .