Origin Program, Nov 06




Program in Traditional Thai Arts, at ORIGIN Ladprao center, 2006 Nov 12

On November 12, ORIGIN hosted a special one-day workshop in traditional Thai arts, at the ORIGIN center in Bangkok at Ladprao Road Soi 60.  Participants studied marayaat (Thai etiquette), dance, flowers, and lai thai (Thai design) in the old style houses at Ladprao 60 – and then moved to Alex's apartment at Sukhumvit Road Soi 16 for the final Party featuring performances of Thai dance by Aporn-ngam Company. 

Peeramon Chomdhavat, director of Aporn-ngam, has researched the dyes, materials, embroidery, and styles of classical Thai dance costume used in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and has recreated these for use by the Aporn-ngam dancers.  The result is a performance that recaptures a beauty rarely seen these days – the beauty that Thailand's kings used to experience when they watched the palace performers.

Special thanks to Vasit Kasemsap for expert help with the translation for the arts program

Marayaat (Etiquette) – how to receive a garland

Dance – training the dancer's legs

Dance – two hand gestures, jiip and wong

Dance – dancing in a circle "ramwong"

Flowers – folding banana leaves

Flowers – preparing baisii offering

Lai Thai – applying gold leaf patterns in albums

Party – pipat orchestra

Party –dance of male and female angels in "Rabam Sii Bot"

Party –dance of male and female angels in "Rabam Sii Bot"

Party – dance of monkey Hanuman from Ramayana

Party --- Peeramon shows dance costumes to guests

Party – Alex with singer Pawat "Art" Chandarak

Party – Timo Ojanen & Nawamintr"Taw" Vitayakul

Party – Buddha Room

Party – Flower decorations

Party – Flower decorations

Party – Dinner table