Lost Japan (Japan)


Lost Japan (Japanese)



『美しき日本の残像』 Utsukushiki Nihon no Zanzo


Utsukushiki Nihon no Zanzo is the original Japanese edition of Lost Japan. It's a group of autobiographical essays, describing experiences I had since coming to Japan as a boy in 1964, and how the country has changed.

I wrote this book in Japanese as a series of articles for Shincho 45 magazine. In 1993, the articles came out as a book Utsukushiki Nihon no Zanzo (Last Glimpse of Beautiful Japan), which won the Shincho Gakugei literature award in 1994 (the first ever by a foreigner ). I later translated the book with the help of Bodhi Fishman into English, and in 1996 Lonely Planet published the English version as Lost Japan.

In 2000, Shincho-sha the original publisher, ceded the rights to Asahi Bunko, which now publishes the book in soft-cover.

The Japanese edition includes two essays lacking in the English version: one, a preface by Kabuki actor Bando Tamasaburo, and the other, an article by noted writer Shiba Ryotaro, who was head of the committee that awarded the book the Shincho Gakugei prize

Lost Japan JPN

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Articles & Interviews

Preface to Lost Japan, by Bando Tamasaburo, 2001 Oct 1
「アレックスのこと 」坂東玉三郎
Revised preface by Kabuki actor Bando Tamasaburo for the 2001 edition of Lost Japan (Japanese edition) 『美しき日本の残像』

Matsuoka Seigo book review, 2001 Feb 01
松岡正剛 『千夜千冊』http://www.isis.ne.jp/mnn/senya/senya0221.html
Book review by cultural commentator Matsuoka Seigo, from his book review series Senya Sensatsu "A thousand nights, a thousand books"

Shiba Ryotaro: Judges' Commentary on Lost Japan being awarded the Shincho Gakugei Prize, 1994 Jun
「第七回新潮学芸賞選評 」 Shincho 45 magazine
Essay by writer and historian Shiba Ryotaro 司馬遼太郎, explaining why the panel of judges chose to award the Shincho Gakugei Prize to Lost Japan (Japanese edition) 『美しき日本の残像』