Kokkai nado no Iten




"Kokudo no 'Daisoji' ~ Chihotoshi ha dento aru biteki keikan wo ikashi, toukyou ha kiseikanwa de saisei wo mezase ~", 「国土の『大掃除』〜地方都市は伝統ある美的景観をいかし、東京は規制緩和で再生をめざせ〜」, "'The great clean up of the land ~ Regional towns should capitalize on their traditional beautiful scenery, and Tokyo should revitalize through relaxing regulations", Kokkaito no Iten Magazine, 「国会等の移転」誌 2009 Jun

Record of an interview done on Jan 23, 2009, for Kokkaito no Iten ("Moving the Capital"), a magazine published by the Ministry of Land and Transport 国土交通省 国土計画局 首都機能移転企画課, concerning the merits of moving the Diet and other governmental functions out of Tokyo by building a new capital elsewhere.  I argued that a better way to spend money would be to improve existing cities.