John Toler, Nov 06




Obituary for John Toler, Japan Times, 2006 November 28

John Toler, 75, unlikely Zen abbot bridging East, West, dies at temple
Obituary for old friend John Toler, Abbot of Seisen-An Temple in Ouda, Nara, who died on Nov 14, 2006. Included here are some photographs of John Toler, plus the AERA feature article about him published March 2001.

Feature article about John Toler in AERA magazine, 2001 Mar 19

With good friend Eric Putzig, ca 1993

Last photo of John taken 2005 by Jack Stoopes

At Hokoji Temple, Kyoto, 1995

Relaxing at Seisen-An, 1996

Writing calligraphy at Yada-Tenmangu, 1995

At the irori at Shogen-In, ca 1988

At Yada-Tenmangu, 1996