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Media about Iya and Chiiori

Chiiori, From Living in Japan (Taschen, Aug 2006)
By Alex Kerr & Kathy Sokol, Photos by Reto Guntli
Photo-essay on old Japanese thatched farmhouse "Chiiori" in Iya Valley, Shikoku

The House that Roared, Asian Wall Street Journal, 2004 March 12
The simple poetry of a farmhouse in a misty valley in Japan
By Kevin Voight
A little thatched house in the mountains is touching an increasing number of Japanese and having a powerful effect on conservation efforts.

Mountain Haiku, Architectual Digest, 2002 Aug
The simple poetry of a farmhouse in a misty valley in Japan
By Jonathan Kandell, Photography by Erhard Pfeiffer
Alex Kerr is venting on the verandah of the often exasperating dream house he purchased three decades ago in the heart of Shikoku island, one of the most remote sites in Japan.

Boku no Kokoro ni tomoru "bi" no in'ei, 2002 Feb
Shadows from the "beauty" burning in my heart
Tsuhan Seikatsu magazine 通販生活
Special new year feature, showing Tenmangu and Chiiori€

Watakushi no togenkyo "chiiori" nite, Suppin Tokushima, 1999 Dec
At home at my Shangrila "Chiiori"
Suppin Tokushima すっぴん徳島
Articles published as part of Tokushima Prefecture's "Prefectural Ambassador" campaign.

Shirasu Masako + Alex Kerr: Honmono to ha nandaro?, 1995 Feb
What is Real?  Alex Kerr & Shirasu Masako  Geijutsu Shincho 芸術新潮
Cover feature with essayist and collector Shirasu Masako