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Living in Japan

By Alex Kerr and Kathy Arlyn Sokol


Living in Japan, published by Taschen, to be released 2006 Aug 26
With photos by Reto Guntli, and co-authored by myself and Kathy Sokol, Living in Japan, a hardcover book published by Taschen, features numerous examples of Japanese homes, both traditional and modern.Includes photos of my houses:  Chiiori (Iya Valley, Shikoku), Tenmangu (Kameoka, Kyoto Prefecture), and two IORI machiya townhouses in Kyoto: Iori Oshikoji, and Iori Nishirokkaku-cho.

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Japan Burando de Ikō



Published Dec 2003 as part of Waytz Publications "That's Japan" series, this small volume (the title in English means, "Let's go with 'Japan Brand'")sums up much of what I had to say in Lost Japan and Dogs and Demons. 

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Immortal Images

The Jade Collection of Margaret and Trammell Crow


Starting in the early 1980's for close to ten years I advised Trammell Crow, founder and chairman of Dallas real estate developer Trammell Crow Company, on his Asian Art Collection.  Purchases included Japanese screens, Southeast Asian and Indian art, and a wide variety of Chinese art.  However, Trammell's first and greatest love was Chinese jade.

In 1989 I wrote a book about his jade collection, now housed in the Trammell and Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art, located in downtown Dallas (

Trammell and Margaret Crow's jade collection is remarkable for its wide range, from prehistoric to late Qing, from classic literati style to fanciful mughal.  Most importantly, Trammell chose with an eye to beauty, making his collection not only instructive, but a source of joy.

Immortal Images

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Kyoto Rediscovered

Prints of Clifton Karhu


I translated the captions and wrote five essays ("Amusements", "Country Life", etc) on Kyoto for this collection of the woodblock prints of long-time Kyoto resident Clifton Karhu. The Japanese edition came out in 1979; the English edition in 1980, published by Tuttle.

Kyoto Rediscovered-1
Kyoto Rediscovered-203

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Mysticism and Explorers in Tibet

Imagination or Reality


Not properly a book, this is actually an essay written while I was at Oxford, on the subject of exploration in Tibet.  In 1977 the essay won the Oxford Chancellor's English Essay prize, formerly won by Oscar Wilde, Matthew Arnold and other literary figures it was the first time ever awarded to an American.

Published later that year in Kailash (11 July 1978), Journal of Himalayan Studies, this essay was my first published writing.