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Calligraphy for Collecting

These calligraphies are recent works done in the last two years. Some of them are favorite themes (Wind, Dragon) that I've done all my life; and others are new themes, done at the request of friends, such as Lightning, Gratitude, Magic.

Size and Price
In general, I do two sizes, usually one character per piece, although there are exceptions such as cards (very small), or full 6-panel screens (very large).  The standard sizes are:

    96cm x 65cm $300
    65cm x 48cm $200

Individual pieces vary slightly in size as they may have been cut in the finishing and mounting process.

Prices do not include shipping.  We usually ship the pieces by FedEx, rolled in a tube. 

Custom Order
In addition to purchasing the pieces shown here, you can custom order a calligraphy with a favorite meaning, or of a particular size and color.

Edging with Brocade Borders
If requested, we can add brocade borders (please see Mounting for background). We provide a choice of brocades and colors; the width of the edging is also up to you.  The cost of having a calligraphy or painting "edged" with brocade ranges from $50~$80 per piece depending on the style of edging.

For further information, please contact me at :

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